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Dr. Cara Frankenfeld shows Artificial Sweeteners alter the Human Microbiome

 Dr. Cara Frankenfeld presented work on alteration of the human microbiome caused by artificial sweeteners at the Medical Nutrition: Nutrition and the Microbiome conference  at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center on March 30th, 2015. Artificial Sweetener Consumption and Microbiome Profiles in 31 Adults Living in the United States Cara L. Frankenfeld, Evan Lamb, Masoumeh Sikaroodi, Sarah Shoemaker […]

Research on Lichen Meta-Community published in PNAS.

 A single macrolichen constitutes hundreds of unrecognized species Robert Lücking, Manuela Dal-Forno, Masoumeh Sikaroodi, Patrick M. Gillevet, Frank Bungartz, Bibiana Moncada, Alba Yánez-Ayabaca, José Luis Chaves, Luis Fernando Coca, and James D. Lawrey The number of Fungi is estimated at between 1.5 and 3 million. Lichenized species are thought to make up a comparatively small […]